Meet the flagship Omega from Beta Glass Labs: The next evolution in hydro-filtration technology. Our iconic Omega design includes an ultra-fast Klein drain for uninterrupted flow and large diameter radial recycler.

Perfect for concentrates and herbs, the Omega will never “bottom out.”

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Beta Glass Labs is proud to present our flagship design, the Omega. Using the lessons we learned from the Alpha One, we designed the Omega to take hydro-filtration technology to the next level. We maximized the orbital velocity of water by pairing a large diameter radial recycler with an ultra-fast Klein drain for uninterrupted flow. This means the Omega won’t “bottom out” from aggressive pulls. We consider the Omega a hybrid model, for both medicinal herbs and concentrates.

Like all Beta Glass Labs models, the Omega is crafted by hand using “Extra Heavy” 5mm Schott Borosilicate tubing. After passing a strict quality control check, each Omega is adorned with a genuine 23 karat gold label and hand serialized in titanium.

Additionally, every Omega comes packaged with an official serial-matching Certificate of Authenticity.

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Clear, Green Stardust, Northstar Yellow