Klein 2.0


The compact Klein 2.0 can achieve more than dab rigs three times its size. Fusing practical scientific glass with the highest level of craftsmanship, the Klein 2.0 epitomizes attention to detail.

With a fast drain and 2-home diffuser design, the Klein 2.0 offers uninterrupted filtration.

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A true testament to practical and functional scientific glass is to create designs that are as small and compact as possible, the Klein 2.0 is highly effective and intricate. With the increased attention to detail that these designs require, function is often severely compromised.

Elegant and efficient design meets downsizing to the extreme. The Beta Klein 2.0 is an ultracompact radial dab rig that stands under 6” tall. Each component has been crafted to precision tolerances allowing this “Klein” to outperform other recyclers that are triple the size. A simplified 2-hole diffuser provides ample filtration, while an unrestricted fast drain ensures recycling action is never interrupted.

Like the original Klein model, the 2.0 is crafted by hand. After passing our strict quality control protocol, this dab rig is adorned with a genuine 23 karat gold label and hand serialized in titanium. Official serial-matching Certificate of Authenticity included.

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Clear, Northstar Yellow, Slyme, Blue Cheese, Pomegranate, Blue Stardust