Alpha 2.0


While the response to our original was extraordinary, our engineers saw the potential for Beta Glass Labs to take the design to the next level with the Alpha 2.0. We embraced the challenge, and after combating many technical blockades we show you the next dimension of hydro-filtration.

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Introducing the Alpha 2.0. Engineered to almost impossible tolerances, we condensed the three-stage system of the Alpha One into a package less than 8” tall. The Alpha 2.0 provides maximum filtration while preserving flavor just like its big brother, so your experience is never compromised.

Like all Beta Glass Labs models, the Alpha 2.0 is crafted by hand using Schott Borosilicate tubing. After passing a strict quality control check, each Alpha 2.0 is adorned with a genuine 23 karat gold label and hand serialized in titanium. Additionally, every Alpha 2.0 comes packaged with an official serial-matching Certificate of Authenticity.

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Clear 14mm, Blue Stardust 10mm, Slyme 10mm, Pink Slyme 10mm, Pomegranate 10mm, Blue Cheese 14mm, Green Stardust 14mm, Jackpot 14mm, Yellow Crayon 14mm, Pomegranate 14mm, Peach 14mm, Serum 14mm, Green Money 14mm