The Craft

Where Science Meets Function

Beta Glass Labs was founded in 2015 with the idea that the finest, most scientifically-advanced medicinal instruments should be in the hands of the patients who need them the most. Every device we make is compassionately priced and tested to the highest industry standards.

From our headquarters in Boston, MA, we spend months designing and prototyping innovative models that minimize irritants and impurities while maximizing diffusion quality and preserving the integrity and flavor of medicinal herbs and concentrates. We feel this level of filtration ensures a more pleasant and beneficial experience for every patient. At Beta Glass Labs, we create instruments for the future.
American owned and operated, Beta Glass Labs is founded upon compassion for veterans, disabled, and chronically ill patients. We also donate all of our seconds at zero cost to individuals in need throughout the world, ensuring the glass that you purchase for your store is always premier quality.